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笔记 [bǐ jì] notestake down (in writing)a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches. 近义词或词组minute | note | note-taking. 展开《新汉英大辞典》. 折叠《新汉英大辞典》笔记 [bǐ jì] 1. (用笔做记录) take down (in writing)2. (做的记录)


你好.做笔记 翻译成英语是:to make notes.希望帮到你,满意请采纳.

笔记 notes, 记录 records, taking notes in English, 用英语做笔记 taking English notes, 做英语(课)的笔记 请采纳


整理笔记英文:collate the notes例句:Friends say I can collate the notes! 朋友们说我可以整理下笔记!词汇解析:一、collate英 [klet] 美 [klet] vt.核对,校对(

take notes

to make grammar notes make a note 固定短语意思是做笔记

读书笔记Reading notes读书笔记Reading notes

你好:为你提供精确解答笔记翻译为notes,采用复数形式.翻译为:notes for the english class .这是经常可以看到的翻译.还可以用English lecture/class notes.这两个的话用English lecture notes比较好.谢谢,不懂可追问

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