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1 How time flies ,It has past half an month since beginning of the summer holiday . As the weather getting hotter and hotter ,my parent and me go to the seaside .Last week we are go to the Xiamen.It's a beautiful city , bule sky and bule sea .The

ParkThere is a park near my home.There are a lot of beautiful trees,flowers and birds in the park.So many people go to the park to enjoy their weekends.They like walking or

Today is New Year's Day, I got up early this day. Building on what I see New Ye ar's relativescame to our house, they sa y hello to each other, that some of the auspicious words. For example: Kung H ei Fat Choi, good luck, and so on. This y ear is the

1 Winter Winter was gone,spring comes.I love spring best,because it's very beautiful.In spring,the weather is aways sunny and rainy,it's not cold and not hot,it's warmer and warmer.The flowers begin to open and the trees begin to turn green.The

My friend I have a good friend. Her name is Susan.She comes from America. Now we are in the same class within No.8 Middle school. We often go to school and go home toghter,just like sisters.She likes English very much and actually she is good

My job in future I want to be a doctor in the future. In that way,I could help other people who is sick.I will keep not only the old but also the kid from being sick.I don't want them be terrible or dying.I promise I will save them all.That's my rule. Isn't it a good

资料来源 下载一篇供参考. My Home Town My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town.

Happy Women's Day!e68a84e8a2ade799bee5baa631333330346631 On this happy day,you can have a happy and nice holiday!Enjoy yourself and have a rest!Women, today is your day.Hope you keep young and beautifu foreve!Thank you have

我的好朋友 My Good Friend Zhang Ying is my good friend. She's in Class1, Grade4 of Tianjiao Primary School. She's a model student. She's clever and she's helpful, too. She of ten helps teachers and young students at school. She is

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