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您好!下面这篇写得不错: an ingteresting trip i have been to many interesting places in yiwu,but i have not been to many other parts of china yet.last month i went to the west lake where is a famous scenic spot in hangzhou with my family by bus.

I speaking English and it's a lovely language, i like the sound. In fact i love listening to English music and this also help me to improve my English. I usually listen to pop music. My favourite singers are Robbie Williams and Jesse McCartney. About

下面这篇写得不错:An ingteresting tripI have been to many interesting places in Yiwu,but I have not been to many other parts of China yet.Last month I went to the West

In addition to historical sights, memorials, museums and cultural sights also attract thousands of travelers.Qin Huai River , in the southwest of the city, extends one hundred kilometers. The river used to be the most flourishing part of Nanjing in the old

2.She has a perfect figure.她身材不错.3.This is indeed a most pressing problem.这的 另外,翻译成汉语时还要注意未省略关系代词和关系副词的定语从句, 翻译时所遵守

My favorite movie is "kung fu panda,". This movie is about the beautiful scenery in the pinggu and, there lived a group of wulin. But the difference is, and the wulin, pinggu are all animals. The pand

my dream school is very beautiful. there are many full-figured cute teachers, and beautiful doors and windows. there are computers on each of the desks so we can surf the internet. there is no blackboard, instead we watch satillate tv. the teachers do

您好,我是一名老师,对您的解答作出如下解答:The little boy can't of senior younger brother understand why always bullying, he couldn't understand why always more the partial't of senior younger brother. After leaving the shaolin temple, he

English, which is an important subject, need all to us to learn it wholeheartedly. Those students who are interested in English may consider that learning English is an enjoyable process. And those students who are indifferent to this subject may

Happy is neither a gift nor a right,we must take the initiative to seek out,heart to pursue in order to obtain.When you try new things,accept new challenges,because you will discover a new dimension of life but pleasantly surprised.There are dreams, | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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