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North Korea: Kim's Uncle Sacked for 'Criminal Acts'这几天的,金正恩姑父遭清洗(国内sina也有报道)SEOUL North Korea announced on Monday the dismissal of Jang Song Thaek, the once powerful uncle of leader Kim Jong Un, for what

这个是英国广播公司BBC的新闻稿子原文:Pope Benedict has been celebrating Christmas midnight Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. The service was broadcasted to more than forty countries around the world. Although it was conducted in

Today we have arrested Ratko Mladic. Extradition prosess is on the way. This is the result of full cooperation of Serbia with The Hague tribunal. We can always believe in our strategy and the work of every one involved in this prosess. Today we

ON THE 10 . 25再看看别人怎么说的.

BBC News with Marian MarshallEuropean Union transport ministers have agreed to ease some other the restrictions on air travel which were imposed across Europe last week following the spread of volcanic ash from Iceland. After discussions by

先写标题、出自哪里,然后正文,讲明具体事情和主要的东西,最后,可以有无地说下别人的看法,然后写撰稿人. 例如:This is BBC world news. Georgia says it has agreed to buy eight hundred million cubic meters of gas from Turkey next


What is friendship? It is to relate with somebody without need for money or objective. It is to need emotion and over wealth is friendship , no matter what their background , age , sex or personality. Friendship can be pure. We hear , nowdays, however

The explosion happened close to a police station,欧盟对航空运输实施了禁令,000千克空的氧气瓶,他们已经派遣军舰将海外滞留的英国乘客接回国内,冰岛火山喷发造成火山灰弥漫,由于火山灰的威胁仍将完全关闭,教皇本笃邀请全世界

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