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cat dog

1.关于猫的单词 cat 猫 kitten/kitty 小猫 cat food 猫粮 “tom and jerry” 动画片《猫和老鼠》 fish 鱼 mouse 老鼠 2.与狗有关系的单词 dog 狗 doggie (儿语)小狗 puppy 小狗 dog food 狗粮 bone 骨头 pluto (米老鼠与唐老鸭中狗的名字)

你太会偷懒了,我是姜雯婷啊 I have a cat and a dog .The dog is shoter than the cat , but the cat is taller than the dog. The dog is thinner than the cat.The dog have a doll,the cat have a doll too.The dog's boll is smaller than the cat's,but the cat's hideout is biger than the dog . They are good ftiend.

狗和猫的中间是谁Who is the dog and the cat

关于狗和猫的句子 关于猫的句子

猫 cat 狗 dog 一 oen

The dog cat altogether dances猫狗共舞

catscats are very cute animals,they are very special as has pointy ears, round eyes,little claws,and short but soft fur.cats like eating fish and mice.they like to keep themselves clean, they do that by licking their fur.also they are nocturnal animals,

My favourite animalThere are so many kinds of animal.My favourite animal is cat.It's lovely and fluffy.When I play with my lovely cat,I feel so happy and warm.I always invite my friends and my parents to paly my lovely cat with me.It makes me happy.So I think cat is on of the most lovable animal in the world.

狗:dog; 猫:cat; 猪:pig; 熊:bear

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