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after a minute

过一会的英文翻译是in a while,in a while常常在句子末尾或在句中使用,具体解析如下:in a while 英 [in hwail] 美 [n e hwal] adv.过一会,过不久 相关短语:1、in a long while 已经很久了2、once in a while 偶尔 ; 偶然 ; 间或 ;

过一会1.just a minute2.come back later3.Just a little more例句;1.你是现在点餐还是过一会再点餐?Are you ready to order or just a minute?2.校长正有事呢,你能过一会儿来吗?The headmaster is engaged can you come back later?3.只要再过一会儿,我们就能阻止灾难.Just a little more,and we can stop this thing.

过一会儿用英语怎么说用过去进行时 过一会儿用英语是:in a little while;after a while

sometime:在某一时间e.g.We will visit you sometime last week.译:我们会在下周的某个时间来看望您.sometimes:有时e.g.I usually go to cinema on Sunday,but sometimes I stay at home.译:我通常会在星期天去看电影,但是有时候我会待在家里. some time:经过若干时间some times:几次

说法很多,比如soon , a short time, a moment等 I will be back soon. 我一会儿就回来.I will stay there just a moment. 我就在那儿呆一会儿.

你好!等一会儿 wait for a while

过了一会儿,我们便开始吃东西了After a while, we began to eat.过了一会儿,我们便开始吃东西了After a while, we began to eat.

你好!i've been away for a while打字不易,采纳哦!

等我的英文名是:Wait for me. wait音标:英 [wet] 美 [wet] wait释义: 1、vt.& vi.等待;等候;(尤指长期地)希望;盼望 In such circumstances we can't afford to wait any longer. 情况不容许我们再等待了. 2、vi.准备妥;在手边;可得到;可

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