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be used to doing,习惯于 object to, 反对 devote oneself to, 致力于 stick to, 坚持 pay attention to,注意 respond to, 回答 look forward to,期盼 see to, 照料 contribute to,帮助 submit to, 服从 adapt to, 适应 apply to, 运用 accede to,

stop doing停止做某事need sth doing 某物需要什么 thank…for doing 感谢做某事mind doing介意做某事 prevent doing 阻止做某事 be afraid of doing害怕做某事 be worth doing值得做某事 be busy doing忙于做某事 finish doing 完成做某事;做完某

动词-ing形式既可作动词的宾语,又可作介词的宾语.1.以下动词或短语只接动词-ing形式作宾语:admit,avoid,appreciate,consider,enjoy,escape,finish,keep,mind,miss,suggest等动词; can't stand,give up,feel like,keep on,think of,set about,

【二】后面接动名词作宾语的所有动词汇总下面的动词要求动名词作宾语:动词+动名词(作宾语)acknowledge承认,自认 cease 停止 mention说到,讲到admit 承认 tolerate忍受 dislike不喜欢,讨厌advocate:提倡,主张 complete完成 dread


doing homework 等等我来解释下后面加ing的一般是加在动词后面..表示的正在进行某事.是正在进行式的一种.望采纳

l am doing fine now.l am reading books.l am swimming spent five hours putting up the shelf.l am playing games.l am playing football.l am putting away clothes.l am playing basketball.l am playing baseball.l am playing badminton.

enjoy doing suggest doing practice doing give up doing end up doing have fun/trouble/difficulties doing look forward to doing be good at/do well in doing

高考常考的有:be used to doing 习惯做某事 look forward to 盼望;期待 devote to 奉献 contribute to 为做贡献 pay attention to 致力于 addicted to 对上瘾 有问题追问!满意请采纳!谢谢!

pay attention to according to object to get down to stick to look forward to when it comes to refer to contribute to be used to be accustomed to the key to be equal to

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