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1.You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.你知道,有些鸟儿是注定不会被关在牢笼里的,它们的每一片羽毛都闪耀着自由的光辉.2.There is something inside ,that they can't get to , that they can't touch.

阿甘正传经典台词 was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. (生命就像一盒巧克力,结果往往出人意料) 2.stupid is as stupid does. (蠢人做蠢事,也可理解为傻人有傻福) 3.miracles happen every day. (奇迹

2007-11-2 | 经典英文电影句子收藏1,Frankly,my dear,I don't give a damn. 坦白说,亲爱的,我一点也不在乎.(《乱世佳人》1939)2,I'm going to make him an offer he can'trefuse. 我会给他点好处,他无法拒

《The Lion King狮子王》 1. Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. 世界上所有的生命都在微妙的平衡中生存. 2. I laugh in the face of danger. 越危险就越合我心意. 3. I'm only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn't mean

A: How have you been?B: Great, what about you?A: Pretty ok. Andhow's the married life? Any fun?B: Oh well, I think it's manageable.A: That doesn't sound too well.B: No, no, it's not that. What I meant still carries on. Just

1.《阿甘正传》: Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will go to get to me ,I'll never forget this ! I wish I could have been there with you. Your were Jenny, I am not a smart man, but I know what is love. ---Forrest Gump. "Death is a

一共22+20=42句台词 1,Frankly,my dear,I don't give a damn. 坦白说,亲爱的,我一点也不在乎.(《乱世佳人》1939) 2,I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse. 我会给他点好处,他无法拒绝.(《教父》1972) 3,You don't

1.一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的瞬间,你会发现,原本是费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就那么忘记了. One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. Then

当幸福来敲门 Chris Gardner:You have a dream, you got to protect it. 克里斯加德纳:如果你有梦想,就要守护它. Chris Gardner:People can't do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you can not do it. 克里斯加德纳:当人们做不到一

1原文:“Life is like a box of chocolates:you never know what you're gonna get.” Tom Hanks,“Forrest Gump” 译文:“生活就像一盒巧克力:你永远不知道你会得到什么.” 演员、影片与年份:汤姆-汉克斯,《阿甘正传》,19942《律政

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