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缺点--- shortcoming或者 faults 或者 weakness


说人的缺点 shortcoming 说东西的弊端disadvantage


weakness [英] [wi:kns][美] [wikns] n.弱点,缺点; 软弱,优柔寡断; 弱,衰弱,虚弱; 〈口〉偏爱,癖好; [复数]weaknesses

缺点 [词典] shortcoming; defect; weakness; weak point; blemish; [例句]事事不免有缺点.Everything has its drawback.不足 [词典] insufficient; deficiency; not enough; less than; fall short of; [例句]我受到了信息不足的牵累.I was hampered by a lack of information.

一件事情的优点:advantage 一件事情的缺点:disadvantage一个人的优点:merit,virtue(美德),strong points一个人的缺点:shortcoming,weakness(弱点)

Define defect :[di'fekt] n. 缺点 vi. 背叛 例句与用法:1. The new car had to be withdrawn from the market because of a mechanical defect. 那种新汽车因有机械缺陷只好撤出市场.2. They detected no defect in the product. 他们没发现产品有任何问题

您好! 差的 一般用 bad 就可以了. 望您采纳,谢谢你的支持!

1优点 Merit, 2缺点 Shortcoming. 3我会包容你的缺点 I can contain your shortcoming . 4从你的行动我看出了你的心意Moved I from you to see your regard

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