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Smile every day.

微笑面对每一天face every day in Smiling

Smile is an attitude to life. In our life,there may be something unpleasant. For example, you fail in an exam; or anothertime, you are misunderstood by your friends. These unpleasant things may makeyou feel bad. Then what will you do? Why not learn

用微笑面对每一天 face everyday with a smile

微笑面对生活的每一天.Smiling face life every day.

笑着对待每一天,用心对待每一个人Laugh every day, treat everyone with your heart假如对你有帮助,觉得我回答得好的话,请采纳谢谢!!!

smiling everyday!

smile to everday,smile to everything

With your smile and face every day sunshine.希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳, 谢谢!

face my life with simles

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