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my ideal job My ideal work has many, for instance doctor, police, boss, entrepreneur, scientist .But I most like working as boss. When boss has many advantage for example: May make money, buy the house, to buy the car, to be filial piety the

原文 同学们,你知道未来的世界吗?自己想象一下吧!那来听听我梦想中的未来吧. 未来的书,一定是可以发音、教导,不会的字、词语、句子,都会给你解释,直到你会了为止.这样会减少老师的工作量,使老师不再过度劳累;汽车肯定是

My ideal job Every person has his own ideal job. Some people wish to be doctors, while others want to be teachers and so on.As far as I am concerned, I have been dreaming of being a guide for a long time. First, my major is the management of

理想的工作,英语作文.My Dream Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a famous journalist in the future. When I grow up, I'm going to be a journalist. Next year, I'm going to write articles for magazines and newspapers. I'm going to a

当今社会分工越来越细,所以各种工作的要求也越来越高. 面对竞争日益激烈的社会,我觉得我的理想工作是当一名普通的教师,为祖国发展培养人才做一份力所能及的贡献. 为了实现我的理想,我在今后将更严格要求自己,努力学习科学文

Everyone dreams about the future. I also have a dream about my life in 20 years. I will live inShanghaiwith my families because we like it very much. It will be more beautiful. I will teach in a middle school. I will be a good English teacher. I will love my

an outlook on my future 「展望我的未来」 i earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books

My Future Career Plan 我未来的职业规划 I decided my future career plan is to be a teacher in the university. There are many reasons contribute to this decision. 我决定我的未来的职业规划是一个老师在大学.有许多原因62616964757a686964616

I have made up my mind to be a solicitor.There are two main reasons for my choosing this.First, I want to help the innocent people out of guilty. Since I have seen many innocent people being scapegoats of the true criminals in the films ,I decide to

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