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《We will rock you》原唱是Queen乐队,但Five翻唱的版本比较好听

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这首歌是《Hey oh》


Take Your Time - Sam HuntI don't know if you looking at me or notYou probably smile like that all the timeAnd i don't mean to bother you butI couldn't just walk byAnd not say hiAnd i know your name'Cause everybody in here knows your nameAnd you

Lucky Strike - Maroon 5 You're such a motivator' I gotta get you where So sick of saying yes sir' yes sir You're such an instigator' you wanna play the game Take it or leave it' that's her' that's her And I can't wait another minute I can't take the look she's

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Go Go Go里面的Panic is perfect 你试试是不是,主要太宽泛了,这首歌是个法语歌,前面女生唱的,高潮部分男声是你所说的啊喂哦~


给跪了..这歌词是We Will We Will ROCK YOU!皇后乐队(Queen)最著名的单曲之一,发行于1978年初,同期发布的还有另外一首超级经典的《We Are the Champions》.这两首歌都以昂扬向上、震撼人心见长,因此,被大量的体育甚至政治场合借用.[3]同名演唱会在加拿大蒙特利尔举行,时间是在1981年.1994年,它还成为当年美国世界杯的主题曲.国内大部分人了解皇后乐队,就是从这首歌开始的.从流行巨星布兰妮,到卡拉OK厅里不知名的干嚎,都无数次的翻唱过这首歌曲.自己再去百度一下也都有! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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