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My ideality in this year is to improve my english again. I know the english in my work is very improtant,and my English is pool now,so I decide I will write some words and things that I meet. I hope I can make some progress as soon as I can.

I like to speak English. I think English is very interesting. And everyone in this world has a dream. As everyone knows that we live in a peaceful world.Now let me tell you my dream. I want to be an English teacher,仅供参考!部分内容需要你自己该

Everyone has his own dream.Some want to be doctors.Others hope to be scientists. 一些人想成为医生.一些人希望成为科学家.我的梦想是成为一名老师.Teachers can not

I want to be a reporter. I think it is a busy but exciting job. I like to talk with people. I like to make friends with people. I am friendly to people. I can work with actors, doctors, policemen and other interesting people. I hope I can work for TV station as a

generally speaking, life in high school is busy and fulfilling, due to the ultimate goal---college entrance examination. many people say that there is no fun left but bored study and endless exercises. however, as a high school student, i can't agree

Dream is the necessary psychal power in the common life.He can get the power for 我的理想是成为以为歌手.在我小时候,我就梦想着能在人民面前唱歌给他们听,他们会

I Have A Dream I have a dream----I want to be doctor when I grow up. Maybe influenced by Father,I am longing to be a doctor.From him Imust hard if I want to be a doctor.Be-sides,I know being a doctor must have the patience and talen.So I am

My dream When I grow up, I'm going to do what I want to do.I want to move somewhere exciting. Hollywood sounds like a good place that I could enjoy.Because there are many famous actors there.I want to be an actor.So first,I should go to the

My ideal Do you know? You might say that my ideal is to be a doctor. Might say that my ideal is to be scientists, might say that my ideal is to be entrepreneurs, might say that my ideal is to play basketball, but all right. In fact, my ideal is to be football

Yesterday, we had a discussion. The topic is. What is my dream? Every one has his dream. Some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. My dream is to become a doctor. My friends asked me why. I told them my story. When I was a small

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