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nowadays teenagers tend to take some movie stars or singers as their idols. they are crazy about those stars. but i am not one of them. i think such kind of thing is a waste of time and energy. the stars i prefer are the real stars in the universe. i want

I like the star is GreysonChance, he comes from England, is a young and handsome young singer, GreysonChance is very hard, and some music, so it has a lot of fans love, I love him too

There are many popular stars who get great achievements, such as Jackie Chen, Jay Chou, Zhang Ziyi and so on.有很多明星都取得很高的成就,例如:成龙、周杰伦、章子怡等等.However, the star who I like most is Fan Bingbing.然而,我最喜

My favorite star you want to know who my famous star is .I will tell you he is Mr.Aaron So many reasons that i like him. He has a special voice ,but this is just such a simple answer.First,he gives a wonderful music for all over the world. His songs are

My favourite pop star is Zhou Huajian. I like him not only because he is very handsome, but also his songs are very beautiful. On October 18, he gave a performance in Tianjin. About 2500 fans went to the stadium to see him. Almost all of them were

我最喜欢的明星 My favorite star is a girl called Li Yuchun, who is well received by so many people coming from all over the world.In my eyes, she is a likely girl. As we know, she is always full of energy and confidence on the stage. With her great

每个人心中都有一个支柱,有一个支持的偶像.我是一个追星族,我的偶像并不是 什么科学家或身边的聪明人,他只是一个歌手 一个用心用灵魂唱歌的歌手 我欣赏他在最低落时不放弃的自信,喜欢他为了歌迷可以忍受一切的坚持

我也是初二的.我帮你吧.我最爱武艺了.望采纳.My favourite star is called Philip.A lovely boy.He is born in 1990.11.3.In this summer holiday,I met him in the happy boy.He grow resembles Monchichi.A lovely monkey.I like the sound of his voice

angelababy,the chinese name:ying yang,28/2/1989 was born in shanghai,thirteen years old immagrated hongkong,china movie actress,singer and model.安杰拉贝贝,中文名:杨颖,1989年2月28日出生于上海,十三岁移居香港,中国电影演员

Nowadays,many people began to like superstar.Because it is very wenderful for them.Superstar is excellent.I also have my favorite superstar ,EXO who is very famous.I like the team very much because of their honest,brave,friendly and love.It makes

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