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例:夏天 My favorite season is summer.In summer, I usually go to swim with my classmates.In summer holidays,I like to have a trip with my parents. This summer holiday, we went to the beach.The weather was so hot and dry.We swam in the sea. The

i like spring best.spring is not cold or hot,but it is warmer than the other three seasons.when spring comes,it begins to rain and all living things are coming to.trees and grass is coming green everywhere.some birds are flying cheerfully over us and

My favorite season My favorite season is summer.Because summer it hot and sunny.I can eat ice creams.I can eat cotton candy.I can ride a bike on the park.But also because childrens' Day on summer.I like summer the best. 我最喜欢的季节 我最喜

I love summer. Because the summer can wear skirts, can eat ice cream. The most important thing is to swim. Sometimes the weather will be very hot. I love summer.我喜欢夏天.因为夏天可以穿裙子,可以吃雪糕.当然最重要的还是可以游泳.天气有时会很热.我喜欢夏天

My Favorite SeasonMy favourite season is summer. I like summer because it's a season of enthusiasm. In summer, everything turns energetic. We are the most efficient to do things at this period of time. What's more, we are able to do a lot of sports

Summer Of all the four seasons,I love summer most.Firstly, summer is my most favourite season because the longest vacations of the year are in summer.I can have a lot of fun during summer vacations, include of camping with friends and family

my favorite season hello, everybody! i am so glad to tell you my favorite favorite season is you know why? because i can swim in the river and play badminton very often in summer. in addition,i also can play basketball in

你好: My favourite season Among the four seasons of a year, I like spring best . Spring is from January to March , many different kinds of trees will turn green when spring is coming . The weather in spring is always sunny and I can fly kites with my

Summer I like summer best!In summer,the weather is sunny and hot.I can eat my favourite foodice creams!I'm very happy!I like swimming in the pool with my friends.In summer,the flowers are beautiful,the grss is very green.I can have a picnic with my parents.And we have fun! I like summer best!Do you like it,too?

There are four seasons in China,spring,summer,autumn and winter.My favorite season is winter.when it is very cold,sometimes it will snow heavily and the scenery is very beautiful.Then I can play with the snow,such as making a snowman,fight with

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