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Go backward! 往后走!walk back 不是"向后走的"意思. 是 走回来,往回走 的意思 两者不同哦 要记得区分

From now till death it is all of you

向后转turn about向前转turn forward

落后的:backward例句:We need to accelerate the pace of change in our backward country. 我们应当为落后的祖国加快变革的脚步.落后的:behindhand例句:He did not want to be behindhand in generosity. 他不愿在慷慨大方方面落于人后.

1. stand back 2. drop back

前: front 后: back 左: left 右: right

“在什么后面”的英文为:at the back of 、behind 一、at the back of 相关短语:1、At the back of my 在我的后面2、At the back of the temple 在后面的庙 例句:They have strong teeth at the back of their mouths. 译文:它们在嘴的后部有坚固的牙

你好:然后向前走就到了.【翻译】:Then go straight and you will get there .希望对你有帮助!满意请采纳!

learn from

向后退一步, a step backward先前进一步 a step forward

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