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并列复合句例句1.I ask him when we'll go to the zoo,but he doesn't know.2.Hurry up,or you'll miss the film that is very interesting.3.The man who is standing under the tree is very poor,but he is very helpful.4.He likes math,and he often help others Who

例如:Promote physical culture and build up the people's health.发展体育运动,增强人们体质.This article is well-written and you'd better read it. 这篇文章写得很好,你最好看看.Not only is he himself interested in computer but also his son is

并列句是由两个或两个以上并列而又独立的简单句构成.两个简单句常由并列连接词连在一起;但有时不用连接词,只在两个简单句之间用一逗号或分号.常见的并列句: (1) 用来连接两个并列概念的连接词有and , not only…but also…,

一、简单句1. The man cooks. 男人做饭.2.The sun is shining brightly. 太阳在明亮地照耀着.3.We all breathe, eat, and drink. 我们呼吸、吃和喝.二、复合句1.What he wants to tell us is not clear. 他要跟我们说什么,还不清楚.2.Whether there is

1. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will play soccer. 如果明天不下雨,我们就踢足球.(条件状语从句)2. He said that he was from Japan.他说他来自日本.(宾语从句)3. I like singers who write their own songs.我喜欢自己写歌的歌手.(定语从句)4. It' true that learning Englsih is not easy.学英语不容易是真的.(主语从句)

1.He helps me and I help him2.He not only gave us a lot of advice, but also helped us to study English.3.I was just leaving when the telephone rang4.Either Tom is coming or his sisters are. 5.Will he still be there or will he have gone away? 6.The

but ,however,yet,although,on the contrary,while ,and, then, first second,or,not onlybut also,bothand,neithernor and neither nor both and not only but also as well as or either or but yet however nevertheless for so therefore hence when

复合句是指带有因果,转折,假设,条件等语气的句子,一般由复合连词引导(because,so,if ,but,although,though..) 例:if it rains tomorrow,our plan will be cancelled. 如果明天下雨,我们的计划就得取消. 下面这个句子是带有宾语从句的复合句: although i don"t know where he is, the police ask me to stay at the room. (where he is 是宾语从句)

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