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周杰伦the pre-orders for Jay Chou's upcoming album,Capricorn(魔杰座), have already broken the record set by last album, On the Run(我很忙).The album's hit song(主打歌),Fragrant Rice(稻香),for which Chou wrote the lyrics and


Twenty-one member economies are taking part in the APEC summit in Honolulu, hosted this year by the United States.Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Honolulu Thursday, as ministerial talks were under way.US Secretary of State Hillary

Hello everyone ,my name is **,It 's my great to talk about news A rarely-seen heavy rain rocked the city this morning,bringing about flood.Early in the morning people were on their way to work when it poured rain.The rain came so suddenly that many

Today we have arrested Ratko Mladic. Extradition prosess is on the way. This is the result of full cooperation of Serbia with The Hague tribunal. We can always believe in our strategy and the work of every one involved in this prosess. Today we

Ministry: More Foreigners Working in China A lack of qualified personnel in both the private and public sectors has seen the number of foreigners working in the country soar.Expatriates legally employed in the country last year almost doubled

It has been an ambitious project. Laying a 17,000 kilometre fibre optic cable under the sea linking Europe and Asia with East and Southern Africa. Seacom, a Mauritius-based company, is today officially launching the arrival of a fast broadband

A time capsule buried by Apple founder Steve Jobs 30 years ago has been discovered after its location was long forgotten. 一个由苹果公司创始人史蒂夫乔布斯在30年前埋下的时间胶囊,日前在当初埋藏的地点被发现,不过这个时间胶囊早有十几篇

leifeng spirit it is a little bit weird we are still talking about leifeng spirit nowadays,but if we think about it,we may want that leifeng spirit come into our daily life again.Hey, it is not a pretty clever choice to help an old man stand up if he is lying on the

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