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英语作文how to rEDuCE prEssurE怎么写

today I want to talk about the pressure and how to deal with it.Now we are studying harder and feel much pressure.So how to reduce the pressure?First you can listen to some music when you are unhappy.This will help you feel happier.You can listen

you might not be able to control your workload, but you can control how you react to it. you can choose to be overwhelmed, or you can choose to accept where you are today, while taking steps to improve your situation. 1.know that you are not alone

We all know that now we students are all under stress because of the heavy school work ,which will surely affect our health both physically and mentally. So we should try to take some measures to deal with it . I have some suggestions .First I

As homework piles increase and large examinations loom near, many high school students feel unable to deal with the pressure. For many, this leads to nervous breakdowns and sleepless nights. Therefore, students should find ways to

First,don't regard it as a task,you should regard it as an interest.If you do like this,you will fell more relaxing.Second,don't give yourself too much pressure.You should make a target,then you can study hard to achieve this target. Don't be so strict in

Life there are always a lot of pressure, why are there pressure?Must be caused by pressure from external events, but there is not enough pressure on external events, depends on the person how to look at his face external events, in other words, if a

Hi, today I want to talk about the pressure and how to deal with it. Now we are studying harder and feel much pressure. So how to reduce the pressure? First you can listen to some music when you are unhappy. This will help you feel happier. You can

Because of the high developing speed of the world, pressure has become a serious problem in nowadays. As our students, we also have to face with much pressure, such as the study pressure, exam pressure,relationship pressure and so on. But

Reduce pressureAs for us students, we may get pressure from our study. Too much pressure may not be a good thing. So we need to learn how to reduce pressure. Playing

How to Reduce Stress It is important for all of us to find a way to relieve stress in order to live happy and healthy lives. Some people prefer to engage in physical exercise by running or playing a sport, and some feel more relaxed after watching TV or

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