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Be the meaning still obscure to you?这意思对你还是那么费解吗?This has prevalent meaning of guidance.文章具有普遍的指导意义.One word meaning "living" in the dictionary?“生活”一词在字典中的意思?Representatives silver light

The meaning of the word "cup"in Chinese is "杯子".单词cup的汉语意思是“杯子”

意思是:请某人做某事,但是应该删去介词to,只能说have sb do sth i had uncle wang repair my computer this morning . 今天上午我请王叔叔修理的电脑 ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

造句如下 Missing this bus means waiting for another one hour.翻译:错过这俩班车,就意味着还要再等上一个小时.

I just can't get the meaning

Regarding the WSDL content for the most part we have to guess the meaning.对于WSDL的大部分内容,我们都必须对其含义进行猜测

mean to 对…来说很重要 Having my family around me means happiness to me.家人同我在一起就意味着幸福.

In one meaning, there's no perfect person.从某种意义上说,世上没有完美的人

what's the meaning of 后接名词,不能接句子 直接说成what's the meaning of headache? 或者加从句:what's the meaning of it when you have a headache?

make you manager 让你成为经理 I can't get at the meaning of this sentence. 我无法理解这句话的意思 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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