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字面意思是:一个人会觉得 .不过应该结合具体语境来翻译.

旅行我的女儿凯蒂和她游泳是只要是漂亮.凯茜遭受了一些可怕的 在她早期的童年.经过多年的常规治疗,她 变得健康.两年前,当凯蒂正在看奥运会,一个梦想来到她可爱的小去游泳.去年夏天,她想 当地游泳队.最后她在努力训练 它.

1. 答案:C解析:以往此类型题作为天津卷的例题出现,今年作为第一题考查.祈使句的用法考查.祈使句(表条件)and 主句(表结果).译:给我一次机会,我将给你一个大大的惊喜.2. 答案:B解析:此题考查情景交际.前句说道我现在

Larry works with Transport Drivers. Inc. One morning in 2009. Larry was __41__ along 165 north after delivering to one of his 42 . suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on. 43 he got closer, he found 44 vehicle upside down on the road. One

My best friend Lily,has a problem.last week,when she got home after school,she found that her grandmother fell down(跌倒了) and wasn't moving.She felt so terrified(害怕) that she didn't know what to d

One day when I was 12, my mother gave me an order: I was to walk to the public library, and borrow at least one book for the summer. This was one more weapon for her to defeat my strange problem inability to read. In the library, I found my way


WeChat is the social app which gathers all your communication and sharing tools in just one place, including images, text messages, and video calls. To experience the app fully, you'll need to ask you

as as结构后面填形容词的原形,填many我有和你一样多的书

原文 The last runner ---by lisa beachThe annual marathon in my town usually occars during a heat wave. My job was to follow behind the runners in an ambulance in case any of them needed medical attention. The driver and I were in an air-

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