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BE Dying to Do造句

be dying to do sth 非常想做某事 ; 迫切想做某事 ; 渴望做某事 ; 很想干某事 例如:I am dying to get your support.我渴望得到您的支持.


be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事,不敢做某事.eg. The girls are afraid to climb trees. 女孩子害怕爬树.

be intended to do 试图,打算做某事造句:I am intended to go to a better university.我想要上一个好点的大学希望帮到你,祝学习进步

你好!be dying to do是特别想干什么be delighted to do是很高兴干什么希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

1.She is good to you.2.Try to be good to people.3.You be good to that girl.4.The weather is good to camping.5.The teacher is good to his students.6.His uncle is good to him.

i am late to go to school 我上学迟到了

I am afraid to see the snakes.

Do not be scared to get involved because of past mistakes. Instead, correct the mistakes, confront them again, and surpass them. 一件事情,不能因为自己的错误,就不敢去碰它了,而是要把错误调整过来,重新去面对它,赶上它. 请采纳

i am going to shopping with my mom this afternoon i am going to take a vocation i am going to have a meeting tonight i am going to kill u O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

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