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关心,照顾;喜欢 i don't care for that colour.

would you care for a drink?

答案是:you should care for your mother 你应该关心妈妈 ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

I care for vegetables.

I have my own car. 我有我自己的车. We should care for each other. 我们应当互相关心.

care;be fond of 喜爱 She doesn't care for that colour.她不喜欢那种颜色.She did not care for him.她不喜欢他.2.take care of;look after 照顾 As an orphan,he is cared for by the local authorities.他是个孤儿,受到当地政府的照顾.He spent

I don't care for you

i own a house.我拥有一座房子he cares for enlish very much. 他很喜欢英语

care for 基本翻译 喜欢;关心,照顾 网络释义 care for:照顾|愿意|关怀,照管 care naught for:毫不关心 care nothing for:不以为意|不嫌, 不顾, 对不在乎

You should care for others 你应该关心别人I don't care for English.我不喜欢英语

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