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favorite英 ['fevrt] 美 [fevrt, fevrt] n.特别喜欢的人(或物);喜欢的事物;最有希望获胜者(尤指马);收藏夹adj.喜爱的,宠爱的,中意的[美国英语] = favourite三个音节,第一个重音:英['fe v rt] 美[fe v rt]

favourite 英[fevrt] 美['fevrt] 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

favourite adj. 特别受喜爱的;n. 特别喜爱的人(或物);复数: favourites

favourite英 ['fev()rt] 美 ['fevrt]adj. 特别受喜爱的n. 特别喜爱的人(或物)例:My favourite fruit is orange学习音标的重要性讲解由于诸多因素的影响,“考试是教学的指挥棒”这一观念暂时还无法取消,我们不必指责那些“考什么就教

favourite[英][fevrt][美]['fevrt]adj.特别受喜爱的; n.特别喜爱的人(或物); 复数:favourites例句:1.What's your favourite way to learn english? 你最喜欢的学习英语的方式是什么?2.My group's favourite subject is social studies. 我们小组最爱的科目是社会研究

My Favourite SeasonMy favourite season is autumn. It is a harvest season. Farmers are all busy getting in the crops. There are lots of different fruits in the season, such as apples, oranges, bananas and so on. The Mid-Autumn Festival is the

My Favourite Sport My favourite sport is basketball as it is very exciting. I like basketball because the N.B.A. stars play very well. Basketball is very cheap and it is a good sport for our health. We can grow taller if we play basketball often. Also it keeps

可以这么提问:What's your favorite ……?或What …… do you like best ?希望能帮到你,如有疑问,可继续追问

my favorite sports is basketball. it looks so cool in tv that i was crazy about those basketball stars ever since i was little. basketball requires speed, height and skills. i run, jump, switch, and try to hit! all parts of my body are exercised in this sport. i feel

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