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FigurE out同义词

figure out的同义词为 work out work out: v.可以解决, 设计出, 作出, 计算出, 消耗完

1. 算出;想出 2. 理解 例:I can't figure him out. 我看不透他.

figure out 的意思是:解决;算出;想出;理解;断定.短语:1. Cant Figure You Out 强力金属2. You Figure It Out 你自己猜吧3. Figure Stuff Out 数字东西4. 例句: 1.I need to figure out how to get around with this kind of limited range. 我必须要在

figure out 英[fi aut] 美[fj at] [释义] 想出; 解决; 计算出; 弄明白; [网络] 弄清; 搞清楚; 想 出; [例句]And who knows, maybe it will finally figure out how to have Sony Music content benefit its electronics businesses.后事难料,或许索尼最终能想出一个让其音乐内容业务惠及电子业务的办法.-------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢.

work out 有健身,练肌肉减肥的意思,多见于美国口语,还有做出某个问题的动作,注意是做出不强调过程,还有就是资源用尽的意思

1.(好好地思考以)理解 i can't figure out why she said so.2.计算出;合计起来 could you please help me figure these out?


work out 同义词组有:figure out, puzzle out,work up 单词有:elaborate,exercise calculate,solve等等

figure out 这种叫动副结构,一般两者都可用,不过有代词如it,them,等一般把代词放中间,而其他的一般放后面,清楚了吗?

figure out算出;想出

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