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你说那句歌词是“What does the fox say”,翻译为“狐狸说了什么?” 歌名是《The Fox》,中文名是《狐狸叫》,截至1月18日已经获得大约3亿3千万次的点击量,成为红极一时的网络神曲,已经超越《江南style》。 歌名:the fox 歌手:Ylvis 语言:英...

首先确认一下,这是活着的动物还是玩偶,玩偶的话可能是顶级手工娃娃 Inari Foxes 大眼萌宠 小狐狸,网上可以查到。

Glorious - Foxes Hollow ground and I keep on falling Breathing in but it's not enough When I drown my eyes in the river flowing You said you'll stay just a little more 'Cause the fate is untold I still hear it calling But somet...

Three Foxes Once there were three foxes, they worked together. They lived a happy life. Little by little, the youngest fox became lazy, and often quarreled with the other foxes. The eldest had to leave, and the second fox was d...


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