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just likE mE是啥意思


just :只 ai :(汉语拼音)爱 me:我 合起来:只爱我

歌曲名:Just Like Me歌手:Vanessa Williams专辑:40 Years - A Charlie Brown ChristmasJeff Hanson -Just like me致我的姐姐If you ever leave me here on my ownThe focus can change like a nameAnd only to run single frames where I'm fromThe

额,你等等..我默默自己译一遍,,但愿译完你还在.. Jamie Foxx - Just Like Me (Feat. T.I.) She went and did me real wrong, I mean (Yeah eah eah) 她离开了,她真的误会我了 I did the same thing to her but- 我对她做了一样的事 She

it just like me的中文翻译it just like me 它就像我双语例句1Hope you enjoy it just like me. 希望您能喜欢它,就像我.2It's just like looking at me and my heritage. 这就像看着我和我的前辈.

是“正如,就像”的意思.I like English just like you like it.我就像你一样也喜欢英语.

大意是 想长大了就会跟我一样

Nobaby,你好像打错了,应该是nobody (没孩子吧) 神色喜欢我


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