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moreover的用法例句3. I don't like skating, moreover, the ice is too thin.我不喜欢滑冰,而且冰又太薄。4. He was, moreover, a


moreover 与what is more 的区别moreover与what is more的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同。一、意思不同 1、moreover:此外,而且。2、what is more:更为重要的是,此外。二、用法

英语moreoverfurthermore区别?moreover, furthermore都表示递进关系:furthermore(此外):用于更进一步说明某事.语起较坚定.常强调要

moreover 与what is more 的区别moreover,what's more 都有“此外,而且”的含义 adv.但有轻重之分.moreover:多为补充说明,前面所说

furthermore和moreover用法有什么区别?二者都表示此外基本没区别moreoverin addition - used to introduce information that adds to or supports

moreover例句如题 要多一点,还有词义和用法adv. 再者, 此外, 而且 Moreover, children would stay free. 另外,儿童可以免费. Moreover

moreover例句Moreover, this appellation pleased him. 并且这个称呼很中他的意。 Moreover, the scratch is not conspicuous. 再说擦伤痕迹也不明显。

moreover、fartherover、beside、in addition、except fo第一个,moreover adv 再者,此外,而且。一般用在句中,因为有承前启后的意思。一般是说完一句话,表达一个递进的意思,然后又

furthermore与moreover的区别在哪里例句:The price is too high, and moreover, the house isn't in a suitable position.这幢房子

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