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①in时间范围大(一天以上)如:in Tanuary, in winter, in 1999;泛指在上午,下午,晚上,如:in the morning(afternoon, evening). 习惯用法:in the daytime 在白天。 ②on指在某一天或某一天的上午,下午,晚上,如:on Monday, on Sunday aft...

on March 16th,2011的意思为:2011年3月16日。 在日期方面,美英的表达方式是有差别的。 以日为先,月份为后,此为英国式,美国式则与此相反。如一九九六年三月二日的写法: 2nd March, 1996(英) March 2, 1996(美) 在美式的写法中,1st, 2n...

在三月11号 In March 11st 在三月11号 In March 11st

steal a march on sb 词典 (偷偷地)抢在某人之前 网络 偷偷地抢在某人的前面 steal a march on sb 词典 (偷偷地)抢在某人之前 网络 偷偷地抢在某人的前面

应该说:on the eighth of March和on March the eighth. 在英国英语中,日期的写法是:日子放在月份的前面,美国英语中,日子放在月份的后面,但不论哪种情况,均用序数词表示: on the eighth of March on March the eighth on the morning of ...

否定句It's not on March 12th. 疑问句It's on March 12th? 肯定回答Yes,it's on March 12th.(Yes,it is) 否定回答No,it's not on March 12th.(No,it isn't)

翻译为: On March 5 3月5日 例句: 1. The debt is due on March 5. 三月五日债务到期。 2. He closed all US banks on March 5. But he also made an effective plea. 他于3月5日关闭了美国所有的银行,但也发出了一个有效的呼吁。

选C. are planted 树是被种的,所以用被动语态;每年3月12日都种,所以用一般现在时即可。

I have no time on March 12th

After the quake hit northeast Japan on March 11, many moving stories that I saw with my own eyes happened around me. I had to walk home since all the ___36_____ had stopped after the earthquake. On the way home I ____37____ an ...

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