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run For ExErCisE造句

Obama and hilary are running for the president.

1. he ran for president and breezed in. 他竞选总统,结果轻而易举地获胜了. 2. a man who runs for president has many camp followers. 一个竞选总统的人有许多追随者. 3. mother should i run for president? 妈妈,我应该支持总

Every morning, I will wake up early and then do some exercise. I like running very much, so I will run around my house. Running on the street and park, I can see the city in its morning face, the street is so quiet, some people are dancing, some are

be+ing形式,这个应该是么有问题的.这个句子The women是主语,could be running是谓语,这是最简单的句型S+V,for excerise是目的状语;整句话的翻译就是这个妇女应该是为了锻炼身体在跑步.望采纳~

run/take risks run/take a risk意思是一样的He must be cautious, he must take no unnecessary risks.I will take risks for friendship's sake.You are running a big risk/risks in trusting him.


he could be running for exercise 他可能正在跑步锻炼.be running 进行时,强调动作正在进行.所给句子中,可以理解为【说话时可能正在进行的动作或存在的状态】.再如:She may be coming here.她也许正在来这里.祝你开心如意!

run for cover 英[rn f: kv] 美[rn fr kv] [释义] 躲雨; 寻求防卫或避难所[例句]I never claimed to wear a halo, but he had had to run for cover more and more lately.我从没想要头戴光环,但他最近越来越频繁地寻求防卫.

In order to boost sales, they decided to run a competition.为了刺激销售,他们决定举行一场竞赛.


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