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settle源自古英语setlan 把…放下来settle 1[5set(e)l]vt., vi.-tled, -tling定居;使定居my son has settled happily in america.我儿子已在美国愉快地定居了.殖民the dutch settled in south africa.荷兰人殖民南非.安置;安顿we are settled in our new

settle in +地名,在某地定居

1、settle in 释义:安顿下来,适应于新家; 在中放稳,坐定[躺倒];(使)开始在…居住.2、settle down 释义: (尤指结婚或买房后)定居,安顿下来;(历经磨难或变化后)安静下来,平静下来;集中精力做;开始认真做;准备,开始(就寝).扩展资料:例句:He took a long time to settle in to big-time football.他花了很长时间才在顶级足球联赛站稳脚跟.One day I'll want to settle down and have a family.总有一天,我会想安定下来,成个家.

settle1及物动词 vt. 1. 安放;安顿;安排;料理[O]He settled his child in a corner of the compartment. 他把孩子安顿在车厢的一个角落里. 2. 使(杂质)沉淀;使(液体)澄清 3. 使(自己)安下心来;使(心情)平静下来,使安宁After the

settle in move in and put things in order 迁入新居并安顿好 *you must come and see our new house when we've settled in.等我们安顿好了,你一定来看看我们的新居. *they got into dolon and settled in at an outoftheway inn.他们来到多伦,在一家

settle on:选定;授与;停在settle in:迁入

settle in 迁入;settle down 定居下来的意思,平静下来,专心于.办的旅游签证回答settle me in就可以.1.He took a long time to settle in to big-time football. 他花了很长时间才在顶级足球联赛站稳脚跟.2. He comes from a branch of our family

settle in 迁入 settle down 定居, 平静下来, 专心于

意思不一样:settle into 习惯于settle in . 迁入 settle for 满足于 settle on 选定;授与;停在 settle down 定居;安定下来;专心于 settle with 与…清算;和…和解 settle up 付清;了结;结帐

settle in the triba.迁入这个部落settle in 表迁入这个概念,而live in表搬家,住进这个概念.两者意义不同.希望对你有帮助

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