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tAkE out 的用法

无论是take out sth,还是take out of,当宾语是代词如him,it, them 等时,则放在take 与 out 之间.若宾语是名词,则紧跟在out后面.如take it out,take out the book please.

take out vt.扣除,除去,取出 把…带出去;邀请(某人)外出 若宾语是名词,则紧跟在out后面.如take it out,take out the book please.代词就放中间 it them都代词 就放中间 如果是名词就放后面

take out 把…带出去 Please take the children out, their noise is making my head ache. 请把孩子们领出去, 他们吵得我头痛. 清除, 除掉 There's a nasty mark on the tablecloth, and I don't think the usual washing powder will take it out. 桌布上

put out1. 撵走,赶走,逐出;开除;使(球员等)退场:If you can't be quiet,I'll put you out.2. 熄灭;扑灭;关掉:Please put the light out when you leave the room.离开房间时请把灯关掉.3. [美国英语]花钱;贷(款)给某人:Banks are putting out

take out1. 拿出,取出,拔出:例句: He opened his schoolbag and took out a notebook.他打开书包,拿出了一个笔记本.to have a tooth taken out 拔牙2. 扣除,除去;抽去:例句: There are 22 working days,taking out weekends and holidays.

翻译是:他不想带那个女人出去.take sb out:带某人出去(参加社交活动)take sth out:出去,切除(身体某个部分) He's having two teeth take out 他要拔掉两颗牙take sth out(for sth):(从某处)取出、移去(某物)take it out on sb:拿(某人)出气

1. 取出 take off 和take away是带……离开的意思,显然不符合题意,take out是取出的意思.所以应该选择b,take in2. 拿出 用法导航take out 是“拿出”、“掏出”.例如:He took out the money and paid for the book. 他掏出钱来付了书款

keep out的意思是(使)不进入;(使)留在外面. givt out的意思是 分发, 发出, 发表, 用尽, 精疲力竭 take out 的意思是 拿出, 取出, 去掉, 扣除, 发泄, 抵充, 取得, 出发 【化】 取出. 希望我的回答对你有所帮助,谢谢!!

1.拿,取;握,抱She took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手. She took a piece of paper and began to write a letter. 她拿了一张纸,开始写起信来. 2.拿走,取走;夺取,占领;抓,捕;吸引The airport had been taken by daybreak. 天亮

out和off都是介词,即使中间有sth.还是等同于两个介词连用,是不正确的.take out 是取出; 除去; 扣除; 带出去的意思,take off是脱下; 起飞; 移去; 休假的意思,如果要把口香糖从哪里剥下来,只需要take off就行了.

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