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inaugurate [i'n:gjureit] vt. 开创,举行…开幕典礼 参考例句He will be inaugurated as president in January.他将在一月就任总裁.The Export Commodities Fair was inaugurated yesterday.出口商品交易会昨天开幕了.Concorde inaugurated a new


1.Many old people are suffering from Diabetes mellitus. 2.accutually实际上,一般放在开头 Accutually,the H1N1 flue is a worldwide problem. 3.rapidly means very fast China economy develops rapidly since Reforming and Openning up. 4.The

通常情况下no more/notany more表示数量,no longer/notany longer表示时间.例如:I have no more books I no longer live here.新年快乐,亲!

1.I go to travel by airplane every summer 2.I am terrifiey with the terrifing movie3.On my 16s birthday I lighted 16 candies4.I read Daily News everyday 5.Yesterday afternoon I made research on insect

car is a kind of tool of transportation. 汽车是一种交通工具

nice weather because is the 好天气,因为是 例句 释义:全部1.But it's not just because the weather is nice.不过,这不只是因为天气不错.article.yeeyan.org2.The weather is nice but the transportation in town can be difficult becausethere is no

1suffer 遭受 he is sensitive to all the suferings around him. 2actually 这个单词是什么意思,外加造句 实际上 actually, i prefer hot weather than cold weather. 3rapidly这个单词是什么意思,外加造句 飞快地 he moves his lips rapidly. 4transport 运输

by analyzing information from related national departments and information from society at large, as well as assigning weights to the calculating results, they finally conclude that chinese leisure index is 64.7, or 1.2 points higher than that of last year.

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