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try out是什么意思

try out (彻底)试验;参加选拔赛 例:try out an idea试验一种设想 try out for the football team参加足球队员的选拔赛

try out To undergo a competitive qualifying test, as for a job or athletic team.参加选拔:为了工作或运动员资格而参加竞争性资格测试 To test or use experimentally.测试或试用 后面跟名词,代词的话放中间,如try it out~ 用法和例句

try out [简明英汉词典] v.试验, 考验, 提炼 try out for: vt. 参加选拔

try out [简明英汉词典]v.试验, 考验, 提炼try out for: vt. 参加选拔 Examples: 1. His brother's example inspired him to try out for the football team. 他哥哥的榜

试验, 考验, 提炼

试验,参加选拔赛try out an ideatry out for the football teamtry out for the orchestra

try out of的中文翻译 try out of 尝试 双语例句 1 These herbs will inspire you to try out all sorts of exotic-flavoured dishes! 这些香草会激发你去品尝各种异国风味的菜肴! 2 You can even try out some of the freeware VMs like Xen and KVM. 您甚至可以尝试一些免费的VM,比如Xen和KVM.

try outv.试验, 考验, 提炼


try的意思是尝试 而try out的意思是试一试,和have a try 的意思一样

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