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warm water 70℃ or above 70度或以上的温水


我是这么理解的: 作为膳食补充品,每次1胶囊,温水送服。 没说服胶囊时间。 最好问问医生。毕竟是要吃的药。

warm water


To be taken with warm water. Dissolve in warm water before drinking.

The water is warm. 水是温暖的。 双语例句 1. I love swimming at this beach. The water is so warm. 喜欢在这个海滩游泳。水很温暖。 2. Japan is like a frog being boiled alive, but so far the water is only warm. 日本就像一只在被煮的...

seitable --> suitable , 这个是笔误吧? 使用温热的水和肥皂或合适的清洁剂彻底清洗

filled ... The boy isn't strong enough to carry the box 请采纳

1. much more important 2. try our best to protect it. 3. too strong for to carry

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